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- A-

  • Aerosol: Treatment consisting of breathing in an air saturated with seawater micro-drops. It stimulates the respiratory tracts, unblocks nasal mucosa, has a calming and sedative effect and strengthens the immune system.
  • Algotherapy: Treatment consisting of the application of a mix of finely crushed hot algae, either as a complete body wrap or on the back or certain joints only. Effects: relaxation, pain relief, anti-inflammatory effect, nourishes the body with minerals, helps to eliminate toxins by sweating, stimulates lymphatic circulation.
  • Aqua gymnastics: gymnastics in a heated seawater pool under the supervision of an instructor, for a gentle treatment of joints and muscles. Tones up and refines your figure.

- B -

  • Boiling algae bath: seawater bath heated to 34°C, in an individual tub, with added micronized algae. Effects: nourishes the body with minerals, “battery recharge” effect, relaxation.
  • Micro-bubble bath: Gentle hydro-massage through the effect of bubbles.
    - Relaxing effect
    - Improves venous circulation
    - Enables the absorption of mineral salts and trace elements via the skin
  • Multi-jet bath: Bath in a seawater tub, heated to 34, in an individual tub with dynamic massaging micro-jets, from the sole of the foot to the solar plexus. Effect: lymphatic drainage, tackling water retention; eliminating toxins.
  • Self-heating sea mud: Applied as a cataplasm on the area to be treated; the mud heats up through skin contact. Effect: immediate relaxation and distance anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Bermuda mud: Application as a wrap, from the waistline to the knee. Effects: slimming, draining/tackling water retention and cellulite.

- C -

  • Cascade: hot seawater cascade that, falling on neck and shoulders, helps to relieve stress-related muscle tension.
  • Chromotherapy: In certain booths, colour-lighting equipment will reinforce the effect of a bath and help to bring relaxation or a revitalising atmosphere.
  • Cryotherapy: Refrigerating gel releasing trace elements, toning up veins and protecting the vascular system. Effects: tackling heavy legs, varix, varicosities; capillary protection.

- D -

  • Manual lymph drainage: Technique consisting of manually stimulating the entire lymph system by applying very gentle pressure, starting from the legs, then gradually moving up the legs, from the pelvis and the belly to the diaphragm. Effects: stimulates circulatory return; comfort and relaxation.
  • Jet shower: In standing posture, drainage of the entire body using a high-pressure shower. Treatment dispensed by a hydro-therapist. Effects: energizing, revitalising, helps to dispel both physical and mental fatigue. Toning and slimming effects.
  • Le Do-In: Ancient traditional oriental therapies applied in combination to promote physical health as well as mental serenity. This treatment is made up of a series of energizing techniques based on stretching, massage and breathing exercises. Effects: stress relief, tackling tension and fatigue; stimulates the energy circulating in the organs and strengthens the immune system.
  • Relaxing shower: The patient will be lying under a ramp of seawater micro-jets, brushing from the soles of the feet up to the cervical parts. Effects: relaxation, stress relief, regulating sleep, as well as diuretic and micro-circulatory effects.
  • Underwater Jet massage: Treatment in a tub dispensed by a hydro-therapist; massage using an underwater jet, starting from the hands and feet, to the solar plexus. Effects: lymphatic drainage, tackling water retention.

- E -

  • Wellness algae wrap: Application of sea tangle on the entire body, then you will be wrapped in a heating blanket; the heat will then enable the algae to release trace elements and mineral salts that will revitalise the body by penetrating through the skin. Effects: improved wellbeing, enhanced resistance to fatigue, physical recovery from exercise, immune defence by nourishing the body with minerals throughout.
  • Slimming algae wrap: Application of fucus on the entire body, then you will be wrapped in a heating blanket. Effects: slimming down of specific parts of the body, and drainage.
  • Wellness gel wrap: Application of a wellness gel on the entire body; then you will be wrapped in a heating blanket. Can be used for patients with allergies or showing counter-indications to algae. Effect: nourishes the body with minerals.
  • Slimming gel wrap: Application of a slimming gel on the entire body, then you will be wrapped in a heating blanket. Effects: slimming down specific parts of the body and drainage.
  • Hydrating body wrap: Application of karité butter, bees’ wax and honey on the entire body, then you will be wrapped in a heating blanket. Effects: hydrating and protective, nourishing the skin.
  • Ergotherapy: Form of rehabilitation, with the treatment of the body as a whole, not just one particular organ.

- F -

  • Fangotherapy: therapeutic use of sea mud, seawater sediments or peloids. The patient is wrapped in algae and then in a heating blanket. Helps to eliminate toxins and to capture trace elements.

- H -

  • Hammam: humid heat at around 50°C, bringing relaxation; also helps to eliminate toxins through deep cleansing of the skin.
  • Sensorial hydromassage: Relaxation break for a toning massage. Enjoy the relaxing effects of massage jets, lying stretched out on a hot-water bed. Cocooning atmosphere and dry treatment.
  • Hydrojets: During the treatment, the patient will be lying on a hot-water bed. Inside the mattress, there are strong water jets that will deep-massage the body. Hydro-jet therapy is known for its relaxing effects.
  • Hydrotherapy: Therapeutic use of seawater in all its forms – baths, showers, etc...

- K -

  • Kinesi-balneotherapy: treatment combining exercise movements and various forms of massages in a seawater pool, under the supervision of a kinesitherapist.

- M -

  • “Palpating – rolling” massage: skin massage through real detachment of the skin, in order to bring stress relief and to drain the tissues of excess water.
  • Shower massage: Massage under a heated seawater shower, for perfect relaxation.
  • Ayurvedic massage: Indian massage with sesame oil, recommended for persons suffering stress; this technique cleanses the 4 neuralgic tension areas: belly, back, plexus, feet. Effect: improves blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces nervous stress.
  • Chocolate massage: This massage with very encircling movements helps to relieve tension and hydrates the skin with cacao butter.
  • Californian massage: Massage with all gentle movements, using essential oils; leg and back massage. Effects: immediate calming, soothing effect and relaxation.
  • Aroma-draining massage: Relaxing and draining massage with essential oils, applied on belly and legs. Relaxing and draining effect.
  • Chiyang massage: Massage using gold particles regulating cell function.

- P -

  • Leg bath: Leg bath with massaging micro-jets applied to strategic points of the venous return, with an alternating hot and cold water jets. Effects: on the deep venous return, tackling heavy legs, cramps, restless legs.
  • Pressotherapy: Treatment with inflatable boots up to the groin; the boots are inflated as successive pressures are applied from the feet up to the centre of the body. Effects: tackling heavy legs and/or water retention; lymphatic drainage; also helps to tackle cellulite.

- R -

  • Foot sole reflexology: Massage and manipulation of reflexes of specific areas on the sole of the foot in direct connection with the different metabolic systems. Effects: relaxation, pain relief.

- S -

  • Sauna: dry heat bath, around 80°C. Effects: eliminating toxins and relaxation.
  • Shiatsu: Real manual therapy that consists of applying rigorously adapted pressures along the energy or meridian trajectories. Effects: balances and strengthens the functions and the general state, pain relief...
  • Facial shiatsu: Brings abundant vitality to skin and muscles as well as the general condition of organs, such as eyes, ears, nose, sinuses. Improves brain circulation as well as irrigation and exchange in the tissues, their toning, relaxation and softness.
  • Specific shiatsu for the legs: entirely dedicated to the improvement of energy, joints and circulation in legs and feet.
  • Sophrology: Mental and/or respiratory relaxation exercises in order to reduce stress or even release the patient from all sorts of dependencies. These exercises are performed under the supervision of a sophrologist. They require no physical contact; sophrology is based on verbal instructions only to guide the patients through their exercises.
  • Stretching: gentle exercise based on the stretching of muscles and breathing. Brings physical relaxation, as well as relaxation for the muscles.

- T -

  • Thalassotherapy: consists of utilizing the different benefits of the marine environment, such as:
    - the maritime air and maritime climate with its stimulating and relaxing effects;
    - seawater, with extracts such as mud or algae.
  • This treatment is dispensed under medical supervision and used either for curative or a preventive purposes.

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