Biarritz, which is situated close to the Spanish border (less than 40 km) and on the Atlantic coast, is one of the most prestigious spas on the French Atlantic coast. With the ocean with its mighty waves, Biarritz has become a well-known surfers’ paradise all over the world.

The Basque Country is a land that has retained its authenticity. From the towering peaks of the Pyrenees to the beaches on the Atlantic coast, the region combines all its contrasts, and the seashore is characterised by its creeks, cliffs, ports and villages.

In the interior, the luxurious vegetation of the Basque Country ranges from steep mountainsides to green pastures. The vast forest of Iraty is today considered to be the most beautiful beech forest in Europe. The Rhune range towers high above the seashore and the river valleys of the Adour and the Bidassoa.

All the towns, from Bayonne via St. Jean-de-Luz or Ascain to Biarritz, unveil their treasures and reveal their particular identity. The Basque Country, which is a land full of character and with its own way of life, its own language (euskara) and customs, is intriguing to the visitor and seduces him by the incomparably gentle nature of the setting in which life itself takes place.

Biarritz, which is situated between the mountains and the sea, offers an ideal natural framework. Come and explore the authentic aspects of the Basque Country – its food, customs and traditions, sports, and celebrations...


Anglet, which enjoys the wealth of both Basque and Gascon culture, benefits from all the advantages that are needed to cultivate the good life which it holds dear, with excellent restaurants where you can try authentic meals and specialities, its lively fair and colourful markets, etc.

From Anglet, you will discover all the different facets of the Basque Country – from Bayonne via Saint-Jean-de-Luz to Biarritz, from the city dwellers to the Basque villages clinging to the mountain faces of the Pyrenees. Sare, Ascain, Espelette, Saint-Jean-de-Port…come and explore some unique places, and its people.

Also use the opportunity for an excursion to the Béarnais or to Spain!

Anglet with its rural character and its love for good food and delicacies, culture and sports is the ideal place for your holidays and leisure activities!


The lovers of the history will discover with a lot of pleasure the charms of a fortified city for more than 15 centuries. Ramparts which protect the ancient center in the magnificent Cathedral classified in the UNESCO world heritage, by way of the Convent, go off to explore traditions which make of Bayonne a unique city!

Visit the Basque Museum, the biggest ethnographical museum of the Basque country with more than 2000 objects and works of art, either the Bonnat museum and its antique sculptures and the paintings of the Greco, Rubens, Goya, Géricault, Ingres or Degas!

The Natural history museum was situated on the plain of Ansot, it is the only natural history museum in France situated on a natural space, contributing to create a direct link between the exhibitions.

The greedy history of the chocolate, the inescapable specialty of Bayonne, or still the wealth of the Housing environment in Bayonne in the conservation area.

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